To Boarders and Non-Board Lesson Riders
 Monthly Board        $510.00
Late fees: Bay Creek invoices are due on the 1st of each month in
advance. If said amount is not paid by the FIFTH (5th) day of each month, a $25.00 late fee per horse will be
added to your bill on the SIXTH (6th) PLUS AN ADDITIONAL $5.00 per day, per horse, for every day that it is late
thereafter until paid in FULL.        
                             Board Daily        $25.00
Alfafa Hay/ Month (at market price) subject to change    $60.00

                     Lessons & Schooling        
Group Lessons (1 hour)        $35.00
Private Lessons ( 45 mins)        $50.00
Group Pre-Paid Package (15 lessons)        $420.00
Non boarder group Pre-Paid Package (15 lessons)        $450.00
Coaching weekend shows /per day        $50.00
Horse lease for show day        $50.00
Schooling Friday night at shows        $35.00
Full body clip                   $150.00 and up
Show clip ( ears, muzzle, bridle path)                  $25.00 and up
Pull mane        $25.00
               Exercising & Training horses         
Full Training- Ridden 5 days/week per month        $500.00
Half Training - Ridden 3 days/week per month        $300.00
Lunging horse (30 minutes)        $15.00
Schooling / excercising horse        $20.00
Meet with Veterinarian (per hour)        $40.00
Administer medicine to boarded horse (per dossage)  
N/A you must do your own
Stall rested horses per day extra        $10.00
Get and hold horse for blacksmith        FREE
Trailering to horse shows - per mile ($60.00 minimum)        $1.75
Trainer shared fuel expenses         market value
Blanketing your horse        $2.00 per occurance or $40.00 per month


*15% of the selling price if only buying/leasing
or only selling/leasing
*12%, if selling/leasing and buying/leasing,  minimum of $500

*Day fee for trips to look at horses for sale-
A full day $200 and a half of a day $100.
The day fee will be paid at the conclusion of the
trip and will be subtracted from the final commission.

*My evaluation does not guarantee the soundness
or health of a horse.
It is strongly recommended to have a pre-purchase
examination performed.  

Commission Includes:  

*Locating the horse and/or speaking with the owner and trainer
*Making videos and advertisements
(Seller is responsible for advertising fees)

*Free listing on
*Contacting Professional contacts

*Receiving calls from potential buyers

*Sending a copy of the “sale video” to potential buyers

*Arranging appointment for potential buyers to try the horse.

*Showing horse to potential buyers

*Analyzing videos of horse
(does not include postage to return video)

*Traveling to horses
(The buyer is responsible for hotel fees, airline fees, meals, and a day fee).  

*Evaluation of horse

*Evaluation of horse and rider combination.

*Negotiating the price

*Setting up the veterinarian examination

*Contracting a Bill of Sale

The Commission does not include:
* Cost of shipping horse to or from Bay Creek Farm*
Board during trial or selling period, if seller allows a trial
* Lessons during the trial period
* Professional training during the trial period
*Cleaning horse up for potential buyer (Pull mane, clip etc.)
*Entry fees or braiding etc.
(for horse shows during selling period)